Dual Creative Co.


Small, but mighty.


Dual Creative Co. is a graphic design firm specializing in branding and event collateral based in Providence, Rhode Island.  Founded by owner Megan Moore, and fueled by her years of experience as an in-house designer in Boston with a liberal arts background focused on advertising and design, Dual aims to transform the ordinary with creativity and purpose. 

The brand was literally born from the concept of two: Megan has an identical twin.  During their formative years, she identified as the "red twin" and her sister, the "blue twin," in both attire and demeanor.  This dichotomy is championed at Dual; as the sole designer, Megan adds value by consulting from multiple viewpoints and offering varying aesthetic direction while developing thoughtful solutions for her clients.  Dual is committed to a collaborative creative process with each client to achieve ideal results.

Though Dual Creative Co. be but small, it is mighty.

Dual will take on work both large and small and would be pleased to discuss your project with you - simply reach out so we can start the conversation!





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